After a long and eventful day, we are hoping that we all get, at least, some rest before the new week ahead. One more day before the end of the long weekend – we hope you have had some relax time!!!

So with two of our runner up winners already announced – as promised in this special edition of our blog, we will announce the winner of the main prize in our giveaway and 1st ever (main prize) Dekadent giveaway winner.

The winner will win an amazing and delectable white chocolate cheesecake – guaranteed to make any pallet purr for seconds!!

White Chocolate Cheesecake
White Chocolate Cheesecake

We would like to thank everyone who entered our giveaway. If you did not win watch out for Dekadent’s other giveaways coming up as we will run a promotional giveaway every month.

We also want to thank all fans for joining in on the Dekadent experience and we hope you will continue showcasing our art to you for years to come.

And so our main prize winner in our 10 000 like s giveaway goes to…..


Audette Alisha Reddy
Audette Alisha Reddy


Congratulations to you Audette Alisha Reddy – you have won the much wanted, mouth watering Dekadent white chocolate cheesecake!!!

We will be in contact with you soon to discuss the further details!!

Well that is that for our first giveaway – but as noted earlier we will be running other giveaways so watch this space as Dekadent is full of surprises!!!

If you would like to try purchase our new white chocolate cheesecake or any other specialty cake for any event, why not contact us for further enquiries or fill out our         no-obligation enquiry form.

We would love to create something special for you!!!

Until next time – enjoy the Dekadent expereince  – and make those moments a bit more special!!!

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